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“A conviction under s. 145(3) has profound implications for the liberty interests of the offender. Parliament has imposed up to a two-year term of imprisonment for conduct, which in many cases was not otherwise criminal, was without violence or a victim, and not only occurred when the accused was presumed innocent of the underlying offence, but may result in criminal liability even if the accused is acquitted of that underlying charge. In addition to possible imprisonment for up to two years for each offence, there is the real prospect of further conditions being imposed as part of the sentence. A conviction under s. 145(3) creates or adds to that person’s criminal record, with the associated stigma and difficulties this can bring in respect of employment, housing, and family responsibilities.”

- R v Zora, 2020 SCC 14

Do You Need a Compliance Offence Lawyer?

A compliance offence lawyer can help with all varieties of offences from probation violations to failure to appear in court charges. Failure to comply can add additional years onto the original charge, and affect the offender’s ability to be released on bail again in the future. If you have questions regarding the conditions of our release, or are facing compliance charges, we advise you to contact our office and seek legal counsel. 

What are Compliance Offences?

Compliance offences are a type of criminal offence in which the accused person is alleged to have committed a crime against the administration of justice. These offences are created to ensure an accused person’s participation in the criminal justice system, protect other justice system participants, and preserve precious judicial recourses. Potential compliance offences include failures to attend court as required, failures to abide by conditions of release, failures to abide by probation conditions, intimidation of justice participants, and escape from lawful custody.

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What are the Potential Penalties?

Penalties for compliance offences vary widely. Some compliance offences, such as missing a docket appearance, may not result in significant penalty, especially where an accused person has sympathetic circumstances. However, more serious compliance offences, such as repeat breaches of bail conditions, breaches of conditional sentence orders, and being unlawfully at large, creates significant jeopardy of jail sentences.

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Persons alleged to have committed compliance offences should seek experienced legal advice. Compliance offences have the potential to result in terms of incarceration even where the index offence did not carry such a penalty. Moreover, convictions for compliance offences can have a lasting impact on an accused person’s future bail prospects.

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