Practice Areas

Criminal Defence Legal Practice Areas in Edmonton, AB

Assault Lawyer Edmonton

Assault & Threats

Charged with assault, assault with a weapon, assault causing injury, or uterring threats? We can help.

Sexual Assault Lawyer Edmonton

Sexual Assault

Sexual offences carry some of the worst consequences and stigma. Get advice now.

Homicide Lawyer Edmonton

Murder & Homicide

Our homicide lawyers can help you defend the most serious of charges: first degree murder, second degree murder, and manslaughter.

Property Offences Lawyer Edmonton

Property Offences

Get legal counsel for offences like: theft, robbery, breaking and entering, mischief, fraud, trespassing at night, and arson.

Impaired Driving Lawyer Edmonton

Impaired Driving

Our DUI lawyers are experienced at defending charges of impaired driving, driving over the legal limit, and failing to provide a sample.

Appeal Lawyer Edmonton


An appeal lawyer can help you appeal a criminal offence to get your harsh sentence overturned or to respond to a crown appeal.

Criminal Driving Lawyer

Criminal Driving

We defend dangerous driving, hit and run, unauthorized driving, and all other criminal driving offences.

Firearms Lawyer

Firearms & Weapons

Our lawyers can provide the legal representation you need when faced with a serious firearm or weapons charge.

Drug Offence Lawyer

Drug Offences

We defend all types of drug offences: from simple possession and street trafficking, to commercial trafficking and importation.

Fraud Lawyer


Our lawyers are prepared to help you navigate the complicated legal area of criminal fraud and fraud-like offences.

Intimate Partner Violence Lawyer

Intimate Partner Violence

Have you been charged with domestic violence? Our lawyers can help you navigate these charges and their impact.

Compliance Lawyer

Compliance Offences

Our lawyers are experienced at dealing with breaches of court orders, failures to attend, and other compliance offences.

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